Staircase Design

AllStairs design and create timber staircases for homes, shops, offices and factories. Our range of products includes solid timber stairs, steel stringer staircases, balustrades, handrails, external decking steps and balustrades. We are also happy to manufacture kit stairs which we can deliver Australia-wide.

Timber Housed Strings

The most economical method of staircase construction, a stair with housed strings has a long length of timber running up the left and right side of the treads which is trenched for the stair treads to be fitted into. Robust and classically appealing, stair treads can be left open or closed in with risers.

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Timber Cut Strings

More complex to make, the supporting stringers are cut in a zigzag style so they support the treads and risers from underneath and are not visible when looking up the stair. The stair appears wider and from the side a cut stringer makes a striking aesthetic effect. Cut string stairs may be open or closed style.

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Centre Spine Stringer

Offering an open, contemporary look centre spine stringers always make a feature statement. Popular in both commercial and residential environments, this style of stair features a single supporting stringer in either timber or steel. Ask us about using stainless steel!

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Cantilevered Strings

To achieve a similar effect to the centre spine stair without the premium price tag, consider a cantilevered stair, which uses two cut strings, with the open side string set in under the treads closer to the centre.

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